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SEO Expert Islamabad and Digital Marketing specialist to grow your business online. Hello, I am Aamir Nazir, running an SEO Company and offering my services at affordable rates. Working since 2013, Wepalyer has wide range of experience in different web technologies. Weplayer is an SEO Expert in Islamabad, knows all ingredients from keyword research, website analysis, coding, search engine algorithm (have to update continuously), on-page and off-page.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a methodology of strategies, tactics, and techniques that are used to increase traffic to a website and to enhance the rank of a website in SERP (Search Engine Result Page), and get a high ranking for the website.

Apart from that, it is a common practice that ensures the website is more user and search engine-friendly, which will in return enhance the rank of the website on different search engines. Search Engine Optimization in a way helps businesses to become global even if your business is physically not present in other places. It also helps the business to connect with people from other countries, cities or localities and do business while improving the business standard and value.

Importance of SEO for businesses

Search Engine Optimization is the new and very common way of promoting a business. Through SEO many businesses have seen hike in their sales and profit. Moreover, with SEO your business will have a dominating online presence. But, having mere a website for your business is not enough as no one will know that any such website actually exist. You need to bring your website in the notice of people so that they can use your products and services. And that can be done only if your website ranks on 1st page.

Below is a jest of benefits your business will get from SEO:

  1. It will help the business visibility and branding of your company. Every business wants to appear in the top of the list when people search for any product or service. SEO will help you get in the top of the list.
  2. Knowingly or unknowingly visitors keep a mental note of your websites ranking which affects your business in a very effective way. SEP can help provide business credibility and remember your website rank is a vote of confidence for your consumers.
  3. The most important of all the benefits is that SEO brings your website traffic which every website needs. More traffic means more users  / visitors which will generate more leads.
  4. It helps you get unmatched insight into your customers such as how they browse, what they browse, which language they prefer more, etc. Working on these fields will help you generate more traffic and more sales.
  5. If you are investing on your business advertisement then nothing can be better than SEO. It is one of the best Return On Investment. It increases your sales and helps you get potential customers.

With the above-mentioned benefits, you can easily take your business to a whole new level of success. With experts having experience of 12+ years in SEO, you can always Hire ME for your business, so as to make sure that your business runs well and is always listed on the top of the search engine list.

Following are the SEO Process that I follow (obviously all not revealed) :

  • Website Analysis
  • Make necessary changes on website as per the Analysis report, if required.
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Suggestions to improve Content
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Website submission on Google Webmaster
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Bi-Monthly Reporting

Individual SEO  Experts over agency

While hiring professional SEO services, you need to be very careful so as to hire the best. You can either go for an agency where you may not know who will be handling your website ranking or you can opt for a freelancer SEO expert in Islamabad who will be dedicatedly handling your website and provide regular updates.

Choosing an individual over an agency will also cost you less as you have to pay for the services offered by the individual and not for other things that an agency is having. This way you can have the full attention of the expert on your business website which will steadily take the top position of the list.

The importance of SEO and how to choose the best freelance SEO expert are some key points that you should remember and keep in mind to get the best.

SEO Packages Islamabad

Based on your requirements you can choose SEO Packages Islamabad from below plan. Pricing and SEO activity details are provided below:

Ingredients Starter Growth Booster
Keywords Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 30
Price Per Month 20000/PK 30000/PK 50000/PK
Website Analysis
Website Speed Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Title/Meta Tag Optimization Up to 10 Pages Up to 20 Pages Up to 30 Pages
Content Optimization Up to 10 Pages Up to 20 Pages Up to 30 Pages
Internal Link Building
Image Optimization
XML Submission
Robots.txt Analysis
Google My Business Listing
Local Business Directory Listing
Review 1 2 3
Reporting Monthly Monthly Bimonthly
Support Email Email/Skype/Phone Email/Skype/Phone
Place Order

There will be few more activities that will be perform on your website, which will be share with you over email.